The biobank (BB) is an innovative tool of the Università del Piemonte Orientale for research, based on an advanced and inclusive model of scientific community in which citizens, researchers and institutions actively participate.

Each citizen, by providing samples of their blood, fluids, tissues and associated clinical data, will be able to contribute and be an integral part of the scientific process and biomedical research.

The data will be processed in compliance with the requirements of the EU/679/2016 Regulation, in a protected and safeguarded manner by means of encryption systems and access passwords to prevent reading by anyone who has not been formally authorised in advance by the data controller. At any time, the participant will be able to access the information from the research project in which he/she has been involved, and possibly request the destruction of the biological sample.


The structure is organized in a laboratory for the processing of biological material and a room, with an adjoining technical area, dedicated to hosting up to 12 cryogenic containers that can hold up to one million samples.


Unit Members

  • Daniela Capello