The Advanced Microscopy (AM) Unit provides expertise and tools for the analysis of the structural and molecular organization of both live/fixed cells and tissues, and time-lapse investigations.

The service allows access to state-of-the-art optical microscopy instruments including transmitted light, fluorescence and confocal instruments, providing training and support for the correct use of the tools.

This service is intended for both members of the University of Piemonte Orientale and external user and companies.


We offer

Support in experimental design

• Training of new users

• Live imaging/time-lapse acquisition and analysis

• Multi-color image acquisition and 3D rendering on images acquired by the confocal microscope

• Support for image processing and quantitative analysis of data



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Leica THUNDER Imager 3D Live Cell

-          Fully motorized inverted fluorescence microscope DMi8

o   Autofocus

o   Objectives: 5x/20x/63x(oil)

o   Filter Cubes: DAPI/FITC/TxR/Cy5

-          Camera: Leica DFC9000 GTC

-          Cage incubator

Leica TCS SP8 LIGHTNING confocal laser scanning microscope

-          Fully motorized inverted fluorescence microscope DMi8 CS Bino

o   Autofocus

o   Objectives: 10x/20x/40x(oil)/63x(oil)

o   Filter Cubes: DAPI LP/FITC LP/RHOD LP

o   DIC system accessories for 40x & 63x objectives

-          Stage incubator

-          Laser Lines: 405/458/476/488/496/514/561/633 nm

-          4 detectors:

o   2 PMT

o   2 HyD GaAsP 

• EVOS Floid imaging system 

How to access facility services

Users should contact the Facility manger ( and request a quote by filling out the order form with detailed information about the service required.


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Unit Members

  • Marco Corazzari