The Metagenomics (META) Unit identifies the quality and quantity of the microorganisms present in an environment (microbiota) through the analysis of their genomes (microbiome) and transcriptomes (meta-transcriptomics).

The Unit works in synergy with other units to provide a broad range of analysis starting from “out-of-the-box” first-level profiling of microbiota to high level study of meta-genomes/meta-transcriptomess to highlight the functional capacity of the organisms.


Currently available services comprise the sequencing of the 16S rDNA gene to profile the microbiome community in a complex biological sample.

16S rDNA regions: V1-V2-V3 or V3-V4-V6 

The service comprises:

DNA extraction, DNA Quality Control, Library preparation, Sequening, Data analysis and Report.

The reporting  consists on:

  • Raw results: text file with abundances for any taxonomic level
  • Standard report: pdf file summarizing sequences statistics, alpha diversity, classification of top 10 abundances for each taxonomic level (table and chart), quality information about unassigned sequences.
  • Custom report: a custom pdf file with other information can be provided. It is also possible to add a personal logo and footer to the document.

For specific purposes, bacteria identification can be performed by MALDI TOF analysis (Biotyper app).



UPO user

External user

Standard report

85 euro/sample

110 euro/sample

Custom report

90 euro/sample

120 euro/sample

 (costs may vary for high number of samples > 80)


Samples comparison

Data can also be analyzed to compare samples collected in different conditions or at different timepoints.
Typical analysis consists on a beta diversity, PCA and clustering analysis, however exact report will be discussed depending on the need of the project.



UPO user

External user

Sample comparison

50 euro/comparison

 200 euro/comparison

Note: the price does not depend on number of samples.

 Service traceability

 Analysis and result layouts are provided by proprietary software.